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It is no accident that the most effective public expression of gay mourning for the generations lost to AIDS, the NAMES Project Quilt, took the form of a homely, humble artifact—and of a feminine (that is, devalued) cultural production characteristic of the rural working class: the American equivalent of the peasant class to which black-clad Italian widows belong. The Quilt took care not to aspire to the dignity or grandeur of a conventional (heroic, masculine) funerary monument. Instead, it positively courted an appearance of unseriousness, even of laughable triviality (albeit on a vast scale), thereby both anticipating and preempting potential deprecation.
Public expressions of grief for the death of gay lovers tend to come off as a bad imitation, a spoof, or at most an appropriation of heterosexual pathos, and thus an unintended tribute to it. The Fire Island Italian widows, occupying as they already did the cultural space of parody—of the fake, the derivative, the out of place, the disallowed, the unserious, had only one way to impose their grief publicly, and that was by embracing the social devaluation of their feelings through a parodic, exaggerated, melodramatic, self-mocking, grotesque, explicitly role-playing, stylized performance.
Through drag, in short.

David M. Halperin. How to be Gay. 2012. (via simperingcreatures)

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I started drawing a Green Tree Python, but then it kind of took off into some occult stuff, touching up on some more symbolism from Rosicrucians, the Priory of Sion as well as some Alchemy textbooks I was looking over. 


My (not-so-little) brother and I are totally beginning to train for the AIDS lifecycle for next summer! The ALC is a a 545 mile bike ride over 7 days from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money for AIDS research and support! We’ll be training separately (Me, Nicki in SF, Ben in Asheville, NC) and then connecting the month before (the ride is May 31-June 6) to finish training and prepare to leave

The money we’re raising goes to AIDS research and to support the San Francisco AIDS foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center. It’s pretty amazing, everyone we know who have done it before says it’s been one of the best experiences of their lives! 

So here’s the deal- We have to raise at least $3000 each. It’s a lot of money, but we know we can do it. We’re wondering if you would be open to making a contribution- any sized donation would be amazing and help us get closer to our goal of getting to undertake this huge challenge together and to also raise money for a great cause! We know that for us and our friends and extended networks and communities, money can be tight and there are so many important causes to donate to, so even just passing along this email would be tremendously helpful.

Here are our individual fundraising pages:

Nicki - http://www.tofighthiv.org/goto/nickigreenbean

Ben - http://www.tofighthiv.org/goto/bengreenbean

 PLEASE NOTE: We’re asking that you donate to us evenly, as we’re doing this as a team (and wouldn’t be doing it without the other.) Unfortunately, we can only take donations as individuals, rather than as a team, so please be sure to just split whatever you’re able to donate in half and plug in the info on each page. Sorry for the hassle.

Also, regardless, it would be AMAZINGLY helpful if you could pass this along to your networks. We’re trying to connect with as many people as possible to try and meet our goal!

Thank you, thank you thank you in advance! We’ll totally send spandex-clad photos from the road, should you be interested! Let us know!


Nicki and Ben

turned ask on, hoping to make contact with other queer art babes!



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Hot off the loom from @graniterocks: a new color series inspired by #Cheetos in a Forest. #gos2014



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